Instructions for Sending Grant Applications Electronically to Ribbons of Hope – Invest In Women, Inc.

All application materials must be submitted via Dropbox.  You may open a free account, with 2 GB of space at Dropbox.

  1. This page will ask you to sign in (if you already have a Dropbox account) or allow you to create an FREE 2 GB account.
    • When the Dropbox loads onto your desktop or laptop, double click on the icon. Dropbox will open a main folder file.  You may download the instructional PDF file that appears in your main folder.
  2. Set up a new folder with your agency’s name. Drag and drop your new folder into Dropbox (the main folder that has opened on your desktop).
    • Remember, the folder MUST have your agency’s name and year.  i.e.  “Wonderful Moms, Inc 2019”
  3. Once the folder is in Dropbox, right click (Windows/PC) or Control Click (Mac) your file. It will be highlighted at this point and a drop down tab will appear.  Click on the tab “dropbox” then “share link”.  A web page will open with your file.  Click “Share”.
  4. Share the file to Make sure to click on the blue highlighted “send” box.

Be assured your file will be sent to Ribbons of Hope – Invest in Women, Inc.’s dropbox and will be secure.

Once a grant application is submitted, the applicant will not be allowed to make any revisions.

If you have trouble sending your application, please email us at: