A Foundation of Women Supporting Women

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Ribbons of Hope – Invest in Women, Inc is a foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are fifty women with one goal –  to make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls.  Each year we award a $100,000 grant to a non-profit organization that promotes education, health, economic independence, social well-being or human rights for women and girls.

The Foundation is a 501 (3) (c) organization.  It carries no overhead or staff and is administered by a board comprised of a small group of volunteer members. If you are interested in learning more about our Foundation or to inquire about becoming a member, then please email us at at grants@ribbonsofhope.net.

2016 Grant

The 2016 Grant Application was awarded to the Study Hall, an after school and summer camp program serving K-5th grade children in the greater Peoplestown community.It provides a number of much needed services including healthy meals and snacks as many children come from food insecure households, provide enrichment activities not typically available to children in low-income urban communities and working with a mental health partner to assist parents when a child’s behavious impacts their ability to learn.  Approximately 90% of the children come from households headed by a single mother or grandmother and the majority of students have no access to a computer.  Study Hall is proud that 70% of their students maintain A-B average or have improved their grades.

2015 Grant

Ribbons of Hope is proud to announce that the 2015 grant was awarded to the Global Village Project, a special purpose middle school for young refugee women in Decatur, Georgia. They provide a three-year program, heavily focused on English language literacy, core academic subjects, and the arts. These students are newly arrived in the United States, often dealing with significant gaps in formal education and little to no previous English instructions. Supported by expert faculty and a wide community base of support, GVP supports these girls in pursuing their educational dreams.

2014 Grant

In November 2014, Ribbons of Hope awarded its third grant to Nicholas House, the first comprehensive transitional housing program in the state of Georgia. Founded 1982, more than 1,500 families have called Nicholas House their home.  Last year alone, they helped 100 families totaling 336 people, 230 of whom were children.

What sets Nicholas House apart from other homeless shelters is the philosophy to provide a safe, transitional group home for families of any size or makeup, including boys over the age of 12, in order to keep them intact and off the street.  Keeping a family together aids in the transition process more rapidly.  The average family stay is 7 months, but shelter is available for up to 1 year.  During each family’s stay, case management and goal setting with a strong emphasis on accountability is provided while addressing the root causes of homelessness through training in employment, money management, family skills and more.

The grant was used to purchase two 15 passenger vans which will be used to transport the children to school, after school programs and activities,  and to assist in transporting adults to job interviews and job training.  In addition, the grant also funded a new security system for the Grant Park location (in Atlanta).

2013 Grant

Ribbons of Hope is delighted to award our 2013 grant of $100,000 to the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children to fund the transformation of their day room, which is the heart and soul of the shelter.

Founded in 1984, the Atlanta Day Shelter is a daytime resource center and safe refuge for homeless women and children. In it’s 22.000 sq ft facility in the heart of Atlanta, the shelter welcomes around 4,600 women each year.  Each day, around 130 women check in to the centre to take advantage of one of the many programs on offer including job readiness programs, education stipends, medical care, computer training, child care and early education programs, critical needs services and mental health counseling that will make a major impact in their lives.

The Day Shelter now proudly displays the following image on the wall of their day room:

Atlanta Wall Display

2012 Grant

In November 2012, Ribbons of Hope awarded its inaugural grant of $100,000 to Wellspring Living.The money will help fund the construction of living quarters for 15 adolescent girls at the Village, one of their three comprehensive healing programs.

Wellspring Living became aware of the growing child sex industry in Atlanta and Georgia, and began to explore the ways to bridge the gaps in the current system of long-term care for the girls, who often become lost in the juvenile court system.  In 2008, Wellspring initiated their program to provide recovery services to these young survivors of sexual exploitation.  It cares for girls who have been devastated by forced prostitution by offering comprehensive services in a self-contained supportive environment.

We were excited that in supporting Wellspring Living we were able to touch on each of the areas where we wish to make an impact: enhancing their social well-being, championing their human rights, improving their health, supporting the girls as they finish school and encouraging them onto higher education or vocational training thereby fostering economic independence.