A Foundation of Women Supporting Women

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Ribbons of Hope – Invest in Women, Inc is a foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are fifty women with one goal –  to make a positive impact on the lives of women and girls.  Each year we award a $100,000 grant to a non-profit organization that promotes education, health, economic independence, social well-being or human rights for women and girls.

The Foundation is a 501 (3) (c) organization.  It carries no overhead or staff and is administered by a board comprised of a small group of volunteer members. If you are interested in learning more about our Foundation or to inquire about becoming a member, then please email us at at grants@ribbonsofhope.net.

2014 Grant

Our 2014 grant is now available.  The application can be downloaded from here: Ribbons of Hope Grant Application 2014.  We have also published some Guidelines to help in filling in the application: ROH Grant Guidelines 2014. The application deadline has moved earlier, to July 1.  Please also note that the grant committee will focus on applications from the Southeast this year, which will include Georgia and the surrounding states. We do not accept any applications where the project is outside the United States.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a list of all the needs of the shelters.  Over the last year, Ribbons of Hope has contacted many organizations to discuss our foundation and the grant.   Many of them have opportunities to support their groups in a practical way and we wanted to list how you can give back to the community.   Organizations listed on our site are: the Atlanta Day Shelter, Nicholas House, Drake House and the Good Samaritan clinic.

Ribbons of Hope 2013 Grant Goes to … The Atlanta Day Shelter

Ribbons of Hope is delighted to award our 2013 grant of $100,000 to the Atlanta Day Shelter to fund the transformation of their day room, which is the heart and soul of the shelter. The Day Shelter now proudly displays the following image on the wall of their day room:

Atlanta Wall Display

2012 Grant Awarded to Wellspring Living